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Constructions Electroniques + Télécommunications

was founded in 1934, based on the work of Joachim Frenkiel, Professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Liège.
It has been majority owned by its executives since 2000.
Its core business has remained the same since the beginning: developing and producing devices for an uninterruptible power supply.

CE+T Power, a world leader that's 100% Belgian

CE+T Power is a global technological leader in the field of DC/AC (direct current to alternating current) power conversion, using what are called inverters, with the goal of securing a power supply for critical applications that may not tolerate any interruption.

Local and innovative R&D

CE+T Power has been able to develop its leadership position thanks to teams of highly qualified engineers and technicians and by focusing all its financial resources into Research & Development on parallelizable modular inverters.

CE+T Power benefits from the support of the Walloon region through Meusinvest, SRIW and research subsidies. Thanks to this conjunction of private and public resources, for years CE+T Power has been able to release state-of-the-art technologies onto the market, based on the best products available on the market in terms of availability rates, efficiency and flexibility.

Steady growth, thanks to exports

The company currently employs nearly 90 people in Liège, about 15 more at its Luxembourg center, as well as about 60 people at its facilities in India, China and the US, supported by sales staff based in France, Great Britain, Sweden, India, China and the US. 

These critical applications are in industries such as:

In Belgium, its traditional home market, CE+T Power combines its own inverters with rectifiers and batteries from third parties in order to offer complete, carefully designed, reliable solutions, with conventional UPS or no-break configurations.

Power is your most demanding critical problem?

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