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Telecom: a complete range for a secure power supply

When only DC is needed

For several decades CE+T Power has supplied its solutions in the secure DC field, with rectifier cabinets, batteries and DC distribution cabinets.


When AC becomes necessary

Is the volume of AC currents in your network increasing and you’re wondering how to secure it?

Would taking advantage of your DC infrastructure with traditional solutions (inverters, static switches, etc.) involve a major investment you aren't ready to make?

Would installing an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) cause more problems than it solves?

Our modular and standalone inverters offer the optimal solution.


When there’s no DC

Protecting an AC current in a DC infrastructure is a task usually controlled with high-efficiency inverters.

However, this solution is not suitable for larger-scale operations when the ratio of AC currents to DC currents favors the former. You might not always have a DC infrastructure in place with the leverage effect.

Using its TSI technology, CE+T Power developed a UPS module that provides the best of both worlds:

Real upgradability
No oversizing
Overvoltage management
Non-defined backup periods
Protection against identified disturbances

Power is your most demanding critical problem?

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