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Single-phase or three-phase < 60 kVA

Agil 60kVA Tri-Tri

We offer several solutions:

Trimod modular UPS

Trimod is a three-phase modular UPS with power of 10 to 60 kW. It is made up of single-phase modules of 6.7 kVA that are compact and handy, and 9 Ah battery racks.

Rectifier/inverter solution

In some cases (e.g. single-phase solutions or those requiring several hours of autonomy), it is better to use a solution based on a rectifier-inverters-batteries assembly.

CE+T Power combines its own modular inverters with modular rectifiers from major brands in order to offer reliable high-efficiency solutions.

AC in/out


230V / 120V



230V - 3x400V+N

120V - 3x208V+N



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